Steward Temple

African Methodist Episcopal Church

" The joy of the Lord is our strength "

85 Woodward Road, Quincy, Florida 32352


 Looking through the window of time, I can see those things that are not, bear witness to those things that are, and testify to those things that I have seen, for we walk by faith and not by sight!

Through the window of time, I saw how God visited his people and rewarded their faithfulness.  I saw the plans of “The Temple” and waited patiently for God to reveal these plans to His people. 

Through the window of time, I saw how God took a little white block church that was hidden by trees and surrounded by mosquitoes and created something spectacular. Through the window to time, I saw how God took a place that stood in darkness, and brought it into the marvelous light.  I saw the vision become a reality.  As the people of God began to work His plan, excitement filled the air throughout the community. 

 As God built his house on Woodward Road, all races and all denominations watched in awe.   I saw them stop by to say hello, and to witness.  Just for a little while they were able to forget about the troubles of this world, as they felt the spirit of the Lord, moving in this land.  I saw them walk through the building, day after day, lifting holy hands and praising the Lord.  Some of them cried, some shouted, as the joy of Jesus filled their souls with love and gratitude.  What a mighty God we serve!

 Through the window of time, I can see God continuously blessing his people, as His plan begins to unfold again and again, at “The Temple”.  Great work He has done, but greater work is coming through—our God is an awesome God.  As we continue to thank and praise God, His blessings will flow until the season has ended.  All of this I can see and more, as I look through the window of time. We thank and praise God today for his love and kindness, and for all of his benefits.  The window of time is still open. The vision is clear and the timing is God’s own.   

             The Window of Time was written and presented by the Reverend Louisa L. Thomas in
                     The Pastor’s Report at the Florida Annual Conference on August 30, 2005.
                                                 Without a Vision the People Will Perish!