Steward Temple

" The joy of the Lord is our strength "

African Methodist Episcopal Church

85 Woodward Road, Quincy, Florida 32352

Our Heritage

Steward Temple A.M.E. Church has a very long and rich heritage in Quincy, Florida and the Gadsden County area.  This Church has been in existence for more than 200 years.  During the early years the church and school were known as Alsace.  It was first a little wooden church that sat by the side of the road on a hill and served as a school for many of the children in this part of the county.  The majority of the older generation received their elementary education at the Alsace School.  Some will say, “I was born again in that little wooden church by the side of the road.”  When the road was paved, the church was donated land at our current site, and the original church was built in November 1958.  We continue our search for records of earlier existence.

Schedule of Worship Services

Praise and worship services are rendered each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. We also occasionally render evening worship services that have been approved and placed on the church calendar. We also render worship services upon request for other churches when they have special programs. The evening worship and special worship services reminder are normally announced during the morning worship services.  

​Bible Discovery Hour (Sunday School)

Sunday school is taught each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and classes are offered to children and adults.  The Bible Discovery Hour provides opportunities for Biblical training and spiritual growth. Come out and be blessed as we learn more about what the Holy Scriptures say about how we should live and use God’s Word to overcome tests and trials.